Cancun Mexico in December 2009

We went to Cancun for a friend’s wedding this December. I have to admit, we didn’t need any excuse – we’d definitely make it. It was our first time in Cancun and I think I’m hooked. Although you can get blue water in a lot of places – how many places can you get to the airport around 3:30 – 4:00 PM and by 8:30 PM you can be on a perfect beach. We stayed in the Le Meridien hotel. It’s a pretty nice 5-star hotel. Their service is great and the pools are great. The beach isn’t huge and it has a strong surf. However, they have three large pools. The first pool is heated. All in all – we had a blast and will be going back at some point. Here are some pictures taken with a Blackberry Bold 2:

[flickr album=72157622983124730 num=30 size=Thumbnail]

Weekend trip to Mexico City

In August 08 we paid a visit to Mexico City. I always wanted to see the pyramids in Mexico and despite the short trip, we were able to squeeze in a tour of the Teotihuacan archaeological site where we saw the Avenue of the Dead, the Pyramid of the Sun, and the Pyramid of the Moon.

Here are some pictures from this vacation
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