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My herb infused gin and tonics

Anyone who’s known me socially – knows that gin and tonics hold a special place for me in the rank of preferred cocktails. In the beginning of my cocktail days – gin just didn’t do it for me. Maybe it’s because of a song Gin & Juice  that made us try that awful combination. Needless to say – I was chased off of gins many years ago. 

My reintroduction to gins and understanding what a good gin was changed everything. They are complex in flavor. They blend well with very unique flavors. And while they have common themes – the range of flavors is quite impressive. 


Now that’s out of the way – this gin and tonic….. I went with Tanquerray ( did I spell that right ? ) Rangpur Lime gin, I put cucumbers from my garden, limes,  and lemon thyme (I grow that too ). One trick I have for my gin and tonics is to put a little honey in the bottom of the glass. Then I add ice and my ingredients. Oh and I’m a huge Fevertree fan.  It creates the most subtle after taste when the drink is done – but totally worth it.