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Mexico City

Who would have guessed we would have found pyramids outside of Mexico City?

Table Mountain from Blouberg

Just admiring the beauty of Table Mountain

Fresh Herb Gin and Tonic

This is a gin and tonic inspired by ingredients in my garden.

All about the Mushrooms

Who would have guessed how beautiful wild mushrooms could be.

Mac OS X Tip – Save To Folder Path

It is sometimes frustrating having to navigate through Mac OS folders in Finders especially if you know exactly what folder to go to. The simplicity of the Mac OS X interface sometimes takes away some conveniences enjoyed by power users. In Windows I often save a file...

More Experiences…

SharePoint LMS: The Bad and the Ugly

….We were able to overcome pretty much everything listed here. However, the fact that they needed to be overcome is what was frustrating. Ultimately, I do like this product. There are things that work great and other things that are strangely challenging…..

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