My first SharePoint post!

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I’ve decided to start blogging about some of the more interesting things I’ve been doing with SharePoint. Before I start I guess it’s worth giving some background to my experience with SharePoint . I started back as an intern at CDC. I did an assessment of a password protected section of a website and wrote a full assessment of what worked, what didn’t and how it could be approved. At the time I didn’t know it, but I was starting to understand the true value of portals. After that internship, an opportunity to work on a public facing SharePoint portal popped up. That position set me on a path that would have me trying to see just how creative a portal could get.

Now that portal was SharePoint 2003 portal server (also known as SharePoint 2.0). While it had a lot of good features, that version of SharePoint was really limited in its collaborative features. Sure we could build out areas on the fly, we could develop new web parts, user management was easy, but it was clunky as a web-based platform. Out of the box SharePoint simply doesn’t have that clean website feel. And then there’s the question of how dynamic it could be. SharePoint 2.0 simply didn’t have triggers and interactions (later known as workflows). It’s great for content management, but it really didn’t do much for managing processes. I liked the project, but I missed the very beginning stages of that project. I really wanted to take my web development from just websites to really giving birth to a communication portal. I worked n two such portals for close to 2 years. After that – an opportunity popped up that I simply couldn’t pass on. A new position opened up, as a web content manager, to lead the development of a website for monitoring and evaluation specialists around the world, working on HIV/AIDS. Oh I didn’t mention – my work at CDC (as a contractor) was supporting Global HIV/AIDS. So the position opened up, and it matched my background perfectly! At the time I didn’t know that it would be a chance to build a SharePoint portal… but that’s a story for another day.

So – quickly jumping to the present – I got that job, and I got a chance to build a SharePoint public facing website – I’ll be blogging about some of the cooler things I’ve done with it. I’m constantly trying to push the envelope with SharePoint. I developed a lot of training for it, customized for configured team sites. I have built some nice little team site configurations for project management. I’ll be blogging about that too. I don’t consider myself an expert on SharePoint – just someone who has a lot of respect for the platform and is more than happy to share.
So that’s my (not so short) introduction on my SharePoint background! That’s all for today.

Test shots with EOS Rebel XTi Camera

I purchased an entry level Canon DSLR, the EOS Rebel XTi with the kit 18-55 lens in July 08. After reading reviews and following forum discussions I opted for the Canon as opposed to an entry level Nikon.

I took some shots at our local state park using lessons learned from online tutorials as well as advise from friends deep into photography. I also used Aperture (Mac software) to edit / enhance the color and exposure in some of the pics.

Here are some shots from that session.
[flickr album=72157612074828465 num=30 size=Square]