Atlanta Eats: Six Feet Under

Six Feet Under at the Jane
Six Feet Under at the Jane

I ate at Six Feet Under this past Thursday with some friends of mine. It was listed as one of Atlanta’s best spots for affordable good seafood. I would definitely recommend eating here. I want to add a caveat, this is not the best seafood you’ll eat anywhere, but it’s definitely bang for your buck when it comes to price.


Grant Park

437 Memorial Drive S.E. , Atlanta, GA 30312



I ate at the one on Memorial in the new Live Work Play development called the Jane. As listed on their site: Six Feet Under is a sea food restaurant, pub and fish house located in Grant Park and the Westside of Atlanta, Georgia.


They have a pretty good variety of options. I might add that a lot of it is fried but you can get your usual steamed delights and pots of seafood! I was in the mood for appetizers, so I had the calamari, fried green tomatoes and the seafood quesadillas. My friends had the chicken salad and the BBQ chicken sandwich. YES they had chicken at the seafood joint – but sometimes strange things happen!

The calamari was unexpected. The traditional calamari in any restaurant is deep fried with cocktail or marinara sauce. These were a combination of fried zucchini and calamari with a dill dipping sauce. Overall it tasted well but I couldn’t help but think the zucchini being there was somehow cheating me of the quantity of calamari I was supposed to get.  The seafood quesadillas are listed as having shrimp, scallops and spinach. I’m not a huge spinach fan but these had a bit too much spinach for me and not enough on the shrimp and scallop front. The fried green tomatoes were pretty good – so nothing bad to report there. I tasted my friend’s chicken salad – that was awesome!

I had their Texas Gold patron maragarita – it was pretty decent 🙂


We went at about 6:30 on a Thursday evening. When we first arrived it felt very family oriented. As the evening progressed it was clearly dominated by an older crowd. It had a family neighborhood pub sort of feel. I might add that there were quite a few different police officers eating there that night. I’d come here with coworkers or a bunch of friends.

Random Thoughts:

So it’s great that this is inside of The Jane because there’s a great parking lot behind it. However, it’s right next to an area where there were some armed robberies so it did make me a little nervous eating there. Adding that to the fact that the Jane is only half occupied…. it seems to be a joint I’d rather eat at during the day. Other than that – it was pretty cool.