Beating Level 8 on Penguins Attack 2

I’m quite enthusiastic about playing tower defense games. My latest one is Penguins Attack 2. This one is pretty good because in addition to levels, bonus levels, and tower upgrades, you have to earn experience points to get even bigger tower upgrades. Level achievements include beating a level, killing the boss, and beating a level flawlessly.

I recently conquered level 8 . In the earlier levels the strategy is to get the most powerful towers quickly. As you move onto the higher levels (4 onwards) you need to make the enemy route as long as possible with basic towers to buy you time. You also need to space out your powerful towers so that they can hit new as well as close to exiting enemies.

Below is the screenshot of the configuration I used to beat it :

This image shows the boss for this level

Penguins Attack 2 level 8
Penguins Attack 2 level 8 about to beat it
Winning screenshot
Ahh the smell of victory

Finally Beat Fieldrunners on the Frostbite Level

Fieldrunner is possibly the most popular tower game available for phones. I think it’s played mostly on iPhones and iPod Touches. I’ve been playing it on my iPod Touch for the last few months. Once i beat the main 3 levels, I bought the other two levels. I was absolutely frustrated with the Frostbite level because for some reason those helicopters simply wouldn’t stop running over my towers. I finally beat the level and was able to push it to level 135.

Field Runner Frost Bite Level 100
Field Runner Frost Bite Level 100

The secret to this map is to use the ice towers heavily. You should use them between every 5 – 6 towers and upgrade them fully. Although rockets are great for helicopters, in this case, the lightning towers are your friends. I basically wrapped the center of the map in electric towers and ice towers. You can use the gun towers to build the longest possible route to the entrance. I’ve also had a lot of success with making sure that the only entrance to the goals was on the left. The screenshot below is my configuration and what level 100 looked like:

I did try to do some upgrades to see how far I could keep this going but I lost at level 135. The screenshot below is a screenshot of my configuration for the final levels. I should have taken a screenshot at 135, but here’s the one I did at 131. I still had the same configuration at 135. I did try to use the fire towers, but frankly speaking – I don’t think they are effective on this map.

Fieldrunners Frostbite Level 131
Fieldrunners Frostbite Level 131