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Noche Logo

About a month ago, I ate at Noche Vinings. Now for those who don’t know – Noche is another one of the Here to Serve restaurants. I’m not a huge fan of this chain of restaurants. They aren’t bad – but I’m sort of anti-chain restaurants. I consider most of their food technically correct although never impressive. That being said – you generally won’t have a bad time when you go to one of them. So before I get into the specifics, I wasn’t terribly impressed with Noche – so this won’t be a post recommending this place. The drinks were good, the ambiance as great, the food was pathetic 🙁


2850 Paces Ferry Rd
Atlanta, GA 30339-5719
(770) 432-3277




The food here was a sore disappointment. I’ve eaten at the other here to serve restaurants (shout, twist, strip) and they are almost always functionally acceptable. However, we had about 8 – 9 tapas and all of them were bad. The drinks were good, but I can’t stress how bad the entrees were. I found that the food generally had no flavor. Although fairly visually appealing, the favors simply didn’t live up to the hype.


The decor was great. Our table was right near the open fireplace. There isn’t much to say except they clearly spent most of their money on making sure this place looks good!

Random Thoughts

I’d go back here but not to eat. It’s a great place in Vinings to hang out with friends, get some drinks, and chill.