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Flip Burger Boutique is a trendy burger joint off of Howell Mill in Atlanta. I love a good burger so the ideal of a gourmet burger was more than appealing. The restaurant is attractive on the inside. It has a sort of minimalist clean look to it. I went on a late Saturday afternoon, and it has a wide range of people – from families with kids to trendy twenty-somethings. They have a nice patio area – with trendy red plastic molded chairs. This was definitely a positive experience with an awesome meal.


1587 Howell Mill Rd NW
Atlanta, GA 30318-7648
(404) 343-1609




First let me be clear – these are gourmet burgers! They are not colossal burgers that are good because of their sheer size. They are not large, and for guys – you might even want to have two if you’re really hungry. They are extremely flavorful and very surprising. The presentation is attractive – and they just look like they should taste good.

I had the philly burger and Peter had the chorizo burger. This was new for me because I pretty much just like basic burgers – bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, ketchup and mustard. Both of us were extremely happy with the burgers. They also have an amazing list of milkshakes but we didn’t order any of them – so I can’t report back on that. The fries are thin cut and light – but equally delicious. Having tried 2 of their burgers – I’ll definitely come back!


This is definitely for the trendy younger crowd. I saw people with their children here, but I’m not sure I’d want to bring a kid there. They do serve cocktails – and they are yummy! This is definitely good for a not too romantic date.

Random Thoughts

If you haven’t tried flip burger you definitely should! Ladies – the burgers are a decent size – so you can easily finish one of these. Guys – you might want to snack before you come – since a single serving isn’t too big. This is definitely one of my favorite burger experiences.