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Divan Logo

Divan Logo

This weekend we ate at Divan in Atlanta. This is definitely one of those “uuber” trendy spots in Atlanta. It’s a restaurant and hookah lounge. It’s definitely close quarters as it’s extremely small. It has all the makings of a place that you would “want” to be seen in.  The food here was impressive!  I was disappointed that although we had a reservation, we waited over an hour and a half for our table. Granted the host offered a bottle of champagne to make up for it – but if we weren’t eager to spend our birthday with a friend – I’m not sure I would have waited so long. The food was good – so at least we weren’t upset at the food too. They do have Valet, but they have a very small lot. As a result, we were unable to use the valet service. You can park at the Wolf Camera right next to it without getting towed.


3125 Piedmont Road
Atlanta, GA 30305
(404) 467-4297



It isn’t too far from the buckhead diner – just for reference.


Their menu is extremely limited. However, in their defense, everything we tried was good. I ate the falafaels, caprese salad, and lamb kabobs. I suggest the potatoes as well as an appetizer. The drinks are strong – and pomegranate everything seems to be their specialty. We had a mojito flavored hookah. That is definitely worth trying.


Divan bar

Divan bar

This restaurant is essentially a decent sized house that has been converted into a restaurant. It gives it a nice personal feel. Private dining rooms are the size of bedrooms with couches and low tables instead of your traditional tables. It is a Hookah lounge as well. I just want to point out – this place is TINY! Absolutely tiny! Since it’s the size of a home, it’s very cramped. The bar looks nice, but it can only seat 5 – 6 people comfortably.

Random Thoughts

I like this place a lot. The food is good – despite the few choices. I think they will definitely get my business again. I did hijack the photo above – but it’s an image of the bar I mentioned.