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We will use this blog to post random stuff and photos about the things we get into. This will include trips, vacations, photography, gadgets, coding and other stuff we consider interesting and would like to share.

Both Peter and Kat contribute to this blog.

About Kat:
I’m known as Nkateko Okwera, but I often go by Kat. I’m a hybrid between a web development professional and a public health professional. I’ve worked in the public health arena since 2005 but I’ve been working in the web development arena since 2003. If you’re interested in my exact technical background, please feel free to browse my linked in profile here. I work as a consultant / project manager on a variety of projects providing web technology / IT support for federal public health related agencies. I live in Atlanta but also have family roots in South Africa (more specifically Cape Town).

Techy Stuff:
For anyone who has worked with me, you know that SharePoint is definitely one of my strong points and passions. I have had the pleasure of having a critical or leading role in the development and deployment of 3 public facing SharePoint portals. Each of these portals has supported a community of  1000+ users. I’ve worked with SharePoint 2003 and with SharePoint 2007. I’ve spent over 4 years providing technical guidance to professionals on how to leverage SharePoints features against their business needs.  My experience with SharePoint spans the traditional uses for team collaboration all the way to using it for public facing websites as a content management system. I have developed customized trainings for SharePoint designed to address any unique configurations of a specific deployment. I also have worked on mapping information and business processes into SharePoint solutions.

I started my programming by learning C. I quickly moved on to ASP / VBScript. I made a smooth transition to PHP and that’s what I’ve been leaning towards. I also dabble in graphic design and have been designing logos professionally since 2003. I have also specialize in rendering logo designs on the web using a variety of tools. I’ve used ASPImage and replicated the same functionality on the Linux environment using PHP and GD. Although I used to build websites for customers, I no longer build websites for other people.

I’m definitely into video games. I’m a Final Fantasy XI player ( and have been so since 2004). I really do have a love for web development and will probably continue to do that for the rest of my life. I enjoy international travel.  I’ve been lucky enough to get a chance to travel around the world and I never turn down an opportunity to see a new place. I enjoy running quite a bit and this year (2009) I’ve developed a passion for softball. I like experiencing different types of foods and try very hard to have a very diversified diet.

About Peter :

[more to come]

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