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Peter and I take a very methodical approach to our common goals. I was toying with the idea of finding a free SharePoint service out there – when I ran into a free Microsoft service called Microsoft Office Live Workspaces. It was free and all I needed was a windows live account and I could have a space. Well I should add one caveat – you also need to have Internet Explorer to use it! Oh and there was the requirement of having the Silverlight plug-in installed. OK – so after I got through all of the hooplah– I’m still thinking that this is pretty cool.

Here are some useful specs (the good stuff ):

  • Task lists
  • Shared calendars
  • MS Office ( Word, PowerPoint, and Excel)
  • MS Office integration
  • Contact lists
  • Multiple workspaces
  • Permissions (only site level – not item level)
  • Desktop sharing
  • Folders
  • Lists
  • Notes
  • Version control on documents
  • Allows comments on documents / etc
  • Allows sharing of documents
  • 5 gb of storage space
  • Light-weight email notifications
  • Does allow for customization of lists

Here are some limitations

  • No item level permissions
  • Not a strong task management solution
  • No workflows
  • Requires internet explorer
  • Works best when you own Microsoft office
  • Requires several plugins
  • Content Management is very light-weight

All in all – for a free solution – this is a good tool to use. I’ll definitely be using it for small personal projects. It’s a place to dump your files, share task lists, share calendars, etc. It’s god because it allows you to create unlimited numbers of workspaces and to apply permissions accordingly. The interface is also much cleaner with a Web 2.0’ish feel. Microsoft might be onto something with this freebie SharePoint-like wannabe.

If you want to try it out –

Finally Beat Fieldrunners on the Frostbite Level

Fieldrunner is possibly the most popular tower game available for phones. I think it’s played mostly on iPhones and iPod Touches. I’ve been playing it on my iPod Touch for the last few months. Once i beat the main 3 levels, I bought the other two levels. I was absolutely frustrated with the Frostbite level because for some reason those helicopters simply wouldn’t stop running over my towers. I finally beat the level and was able to push it to level 135.

Field Runner Frost Bite Level 100
Field Runner Frost Bite Level 100

The secret to this map is to use the ice towers heavily. You should use them between every 5 – 6 towers and upgrade them fully. Although rockets are great for helicopters, in this case, the lightning towers are your friends. I basically wrapped the center of the map in electric towers and ice towers. You can use the gun towers to build the longest possible route to the entrance. I’ve also had a lot of success with making sure that the only entrance to the goals was on the left. The screenshot below is my configuration and what level 100 looked like:

I did try to do some upgrades to see how far I could keep this going but I lost at level 135. The screenshot below is a screenshot of my configuration for the final levels. I should have taken a screenshot at 135, but here’s the one I did at 131. I still had the same configuration at 135. I did try to use the fire towers, but frankly speaking – I don’t think they are effective on this map.

Fieldrunners Frostbite Level 131
Fieldrunners Frostbite Level 131

Atlanta Eats: Flip Burger Boutique


Flip Burger Boutique is a trendy burger joint off of Howell Mill in Atlanta. I love a good burger so the ideal of a gourmet burger was more than appealing. The restaurant is attractive on the inside. It has a sort of minimalist clean look to it. I went on a late Saturday afternoon, and it has a wide range of people – from families with kids to trendy twenty-somethings. They have a nice patio area – with trendy red plastic molded chairs. This was definitely a positive experience with an awesome meal.


1587 Howell Mill Rd NW
Atlanta, GA 30318-7648
(404) 343-1609




First let me be clear – these are gourmet burgers! They are not colossal burgers that are good because of their sheer size. They are not large, and for guys – you might even want to have two if you’re really hungry. They are extremely flavorful and very surprising. The presentation is attractive – and they just look like they should taste good.

I had the philly burger and Peter had the chorizo burger. This was new for me because I pretty much just like basic burgers – bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, ketchup and mustard. Both of us were extremely happy with the burgers. They also have an amazing list of milkshakes but we didn’t order any of them – so I can’t report back on that. The fries are thin cut and light – but equally delicious. Having tried 2 of their burgers – I’ll definitely come back!


This is definitely for the trendy younger crowd. I saw people with their children here, but I’m not sure I’d want to bring a kid there. They do serve cocktails – and they are yummy! This is definitely good for a not too romantic date.

Random Thoughts

If you haven’t tried flip burger you definitely should! Ladies – the burgers are a decent size – so you can easily finish one of these. Guys – you might want to snack before you come – since a single serving isn’t too big. This is definitely one of my favorite burger experiences.