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Okwera Family

4 people on the adventure of life together
Surviving this crazy thing called life

Embracing experiences however they may come

 Hey there – We’re Kat and Peter – the parental units in the Okwera Family. We’re married, friends, business partners, living parenthood  survivors, foodies, travel enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, techies, and most recently travel trailer owners.  It’s so easy to let your life be defined by the things we have to do. Whether it’s work, school, extracurriculars, chores, etc – those things sit front and center in our lives. As a family we’ve committed ourselves to doing the responsible things in life while still indulging in the activities that actually nourish the soul.  Whether it’s food, travel, hobbies, sports, interests, etc – this is just a record of the things that make us feel good.

A Bit About Us

We believe that experiences enrich our lives as much as anything else. One of our missions in life is to expose our kids to as many experiences as possible. It’s only by stepping out of your comfort zone and into other cultures that you learn confidence in who you are, acceptance for things that are different, and a true appreciation for the variety of life.





Recent Experiences

Want to read a bit more about what we’ve been up to?

Mexico City

Who would have guessed we would have found pyramids outside of Mexico City?

Table Mountain from Blouberg

Just admiring the beauty of Table Mountain

Fresh Herb Gin and Tonic

This is a gin and tonic inspired by ingredients in my garden.

Why Being Solutions Focused Matters

Let's keep it real - working with people is hard. The moment you have more than one person on a task - you introduce miscommunication , assumption , different understanding, and multiple potential outcomes. So when it comes to collaborating - you have to make special...

So much has gone on – not sure I can do justice!

Truthfully I haven't given this blog the love it deserves. In the space of several years, we've gone through numerous medical challenges, had a beautiful daughter, started a company ( or two), built some new sites, revamped a few, and completed a transatlantic move....

Our Highlights

Every now and then we get to do something that really blows us away!  There’s a fine line between enjoying the moment and capturing the moment. Some of the things we get to experience we never get to document. Sometimes we’re lucky enough to snag a video of the moment. You can find those things here! 

 Just a few pics of our experiences

This is just a snapshot of our favorite things! We love amazing eats and seeing amazing places. From time to time we’ll update this with new pictures from great experiences.